13 February, 2024

20 years after the previous version was put online, we decided to get a makeover in order to continue to transmit the results of our research projects and educational activities while keeping you informed of current news.

(Re)Discover the Tadoussac Bird Observatory

You will find a summary of the Tadoussac Bird Observatory since its creation in 1993, current projects as well as educational activities. You will also find everyone who is currently participating in our projects, as well as opportunities to participate in their success.

This site will also be an opportunity to regularly share information with you in the “News” tab on our discoveries, research work or on the  Côte-Nord Migratory Bird Festival, for instance. 

Short questionnaire

To make this site suitable for as many people as possible, we are also happy to offer you a short questionnaire. This will allow you to give your opinions, proposed modifications or any other comments that you consider relevant, so that we can improve our site.

We will then adapt it based on the comments so that you can continue to marvel at bird migration with us, through all of our work.

To fill in the short form, click HERE

You can also contact us at: direction.oot@explosnature.ca

Code of ethics

We also want to highlight ethical bird photography, and the photos on this website have all been taken by our team or our collaborators, with respect for avian fauna. If you would like to share photographs with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

Thanking you and happy reading!